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MinorTechTip 101: Password Strength Level

Passwords are required for almost all technology devices and online accounts via email account’s, bank accounts, and social media etc. Its imperative to have the most sophisticated password to avoid intruders or hackers. PLEASE do not use social security numbers or birth dates as a password. A hacker can have access to more personal information if the code is broken to access your password. A strong password would consist of at least 16 characters. A weak password is between 6 to 10 characters. Here are 3 Tips on how to create a strong password:

1) Think of a phrase that would be easy to remember. For example, “I love my dog Nolan 2020” the actual password would be ILoveMyDogNolan2020! where 2020 is the year Nolan was adopted with an exclamation point at the end.

2) Try being a little more creative with your character selection. For example, 1L0v3MyD0gN0l@n2020! the letter “l” is substituted with the number “1” , the letter “o” in (Love, Dog, and Nolan) is substituted with the number “0”, and the letter “a” in (Nolan) is substituted with the symbol “@”.

3) It is a good practice to change your password every 90 days. It may seem like an inconvenience to remember and create a new password but there is No compromise when it comes to identity theft or access to your personal information.

Remember, make it easy and fun by creating your “P@ssw0rd%” using phrases and special ch@r@ct3rs. Please feel free to contact Class1Technology at if you have any questions about MinorTechTip 101: Password Strength Level.

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