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Access to

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Experts

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Do you have an

I/O Psychology

story to tell?

Are you an Industrial/Organizational Psychology professional, or have you worked with one? 

It's time to introduce the world to I/O.


Once, and for all.

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Image by Nadine Shaabana
Tired of explaining what I/O's do?

You'll soon have something to point them too.
We're collecting stories of how I/O's
impact the workplace.
We'll create an I/O story hub.
Your story may be published on our site
along with many others.

You may also be asked to be a guest on our WorkCookie podcast, co-host a Happy Hour,
and who knows what else! 

Submit your story or contact us for more info.


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Submit Your Story

*Please omit any sensitive or identifying information (especially client information) in your submission.


*You may choose whether to have your story published with your name, a pen name, or first name and last initial.


*Best Story prizes will be awarded for rounds that include at least 10 entries. If your submission round does not include at least 10 entries, you will automatically be entered into the next round. 

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