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With our five-level focus, we help set your company ahead of the rest and guide your employees to success. 

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Trust. Experience. Collaboration.

Creating impact and driving change in your organization just got easier. SEBOC for Businesses was built for you; a place to get personalized guidance and VIP support from our world-class experts. You'll get solutions for the toughest organizational and professional challenges and make a deep, measurable impact on your teams, goals, and bottom line.

Our experts have a variety of industry experience including aviation and aerospace, government, military, biopharma, human resources, hospitality, food and beverage, finance, healthcare, small business, logistics, academia, manufacturing, construction, politics, themed attractions, first-responders, and technology.

Our experts are Master's or PhDs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (the scientific study of human behavior and processes in organizations) or Human Resource Management, with vast experience working within organizations and understanding the culture and operational aspects of businesses.

Engage, learn new paradigms, practice proven techniques, and make each day more powerful when you build relationships with our experts.

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CEOs & Executives

Other Executives

“It's lonely at the top” is not just a saying. It rings very true and doesn't apply only to executives. It affects top performers and those with advanced visions on work and life (also attributes of executives). We've helped executives navigate the stickiest of situations from unruly organizational politics and power struggles to outlandish colleague and employee requests. In industries from biopharma to manufacturing, we have the experience and can speak your language. We've also been on the ground before our coaching journey which adds the extra punch when advising on operational issues.

Applicants in the waiting room

HR and L&D

We get it. It often falls on you. You are tasked with retaining and developing the most the company's most important asset. All this and hoping to please each square while maneuvering the Rubik's Cube.

On top of that, your department is one of the few that does not directly generate revenue for the company. Projects remain on the back burner and it seems like cutting through red tape with a tennis ball to get anything done.

Our experts have endured that too, and successfully navigated buy in and being pulled in all directions. Working with our experts means having a trusted partner to get those projects approved and moving. We will work closely with you supporting every step of the way. From using data and analytics to justify a project, to the full design, development, and implementation of what used to seem too lofty to come true.  We will back you up to make your organization more principled and effective than it is today.

HR and L&D Decision-Makers
Construction in Progress

Family-Owned Businesses

Your business has a dynamic that few understand, and even fewer can successfully navigate. The feel is different, the vision is unique, and the challenges hit close to home. We'll meet you where you are because we've been there too. We've turned around or put on track small and family-owned businesses ranging from the local hair salon to the multimillion-dollar family-owned construction company.

Small & Family-Owned Businesses
Emerging Leaders
Team Meeting

Emerging Leaders

Your advancing leaders are great at what they have done.  They are skillful masters who have been promoted based on the merit of their performance. Now it's time to lead and manage team of individuals who are mastering the skills necessary to contribute. That contribution is dependent on having a manager that communicates effectively, builds rather than breaks, and navigates team dynamics with the best of them.


Our coaches are not simply leadership philosophers; they have lead teams, create comprehensive development programs for emerging leaders, and strategically partnered with them to grow into a role that begs them to focus on their people and not just the task at hand. Managers do not have to be every employee's best friend, but they should be the best friend to every employee's success. We will help get them there.


Critical Communication,
Negotiation & Sales,

It's not just for business development. We navigate situations, often high stakes, with our words every day. Our effectiveness is measured by how stressed we are, the impact we have on others, our reputations, and the results of our work efforts. Our experts have helped people gain the skills and perspectives necessary to win the challenge of being personally successful in interactions from getting buy in, closing the deal, wiggling out of the most challenging situations, and restoring reputation.

Critical Communication, Negotiation & Sales

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