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From one to many in the I/O Field: SEBOC's I/O Career Pathfinder Membership

Insights from SEBOC 3-Day Virtual Experience

*To hear the original recording of "I/O Career Pathfinder Member Panel" during the SEBOC 3-Day Virtual Experience, check out Ep. 163 of the WorkCookie podcast here.

Embarking on a career in Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology can be an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. However, for many just starting in the field, it can prove to be overwhelming, especially for students and early-career professionals. The SEBOC Pathfinder membership offers a guide through mentorship in the

complex terrain of the field while providing a sense of belonging within a professional community.

First Steps and Insights

For those taking their first steps into the field of I/O Psychology, SEBOC’s Pathfinder membership provides more resources and an open community of professionals and practitioners who have endured a similar journey. The power of networking cannot be underestimated, and SEBOC ensures the network they provide will be supportive and engaging. Pathfinder members have noted that the experience felt like therapy - conversations that helped them navigate their next steps and understand who they are meant to be as I/O professionals.

One main aspect of SEBOC’s Pathfinder membership is its customized personalization. Members are granted one-on-one calls with its experts, allowing members to obtain insights from the vast amount of niches within I/O. This exposure to diverse perspectives equips them with a good understanding of the field, helping define one’s own path with more clarity. Professional networking is critical both for career advancement and for fostering a sense of community and well-being. (Margolis et al., 2021)

Isolation to Inclusion

One of the biggest observations from the SEBOC session’s panelists was how early career professionals often encounter a sense of isolation and loneliness as they transition from academia to the professional world. SEBOC steps in as a safety net - a place where careers can begin to grow and evolve. Members have highlighted the transformative impact that SEBOC had on their sense of community, effectively erasing feelings of abandonment that can come after graduate school.

Empowerment through Self-Discovery

SEBOC's Pathfinder membership fosters an atmosphere where self-discovery is paramount. By creating connections and forming bonds with fellow members, individuals not only gain valuable contacts but also uncover passions they might not have realized otherwise. The challenges posed by SEBOC's community encourages members to reassess their assumptions and adapt to new perspectives, facilitating personal and professional growth. As noted in a recent study, autonomy, challenge, and altruism were identified as the top three career values (Ganapati & Richie, 2021), something SEBOC looks to foster.

In conclusion, SEBOC's Pathfinder membership demonstrates its commitment to helping I/O professionals grow. By offering leaders connection, guidance, and invaluable resources, SEBOC looks to make an I/O’s early career journey one of empowerment and self-discovery. As members transition from the isolation of academia to a thriving network, they can find not only support but also a place where their contributions are valued, and their path illuminated. With SEBOC, early-career I/O professionals do not merely find their way - they create it, surrounded by many like minds, who believe in their potential.

By: Josue Alvarado

BRIDGE Builder - The Bridgify Group

*To hear the original recording of "I/O Career Pathfinder Member Panel" during the SEBOC 3-Day Virtual Experience, check out Ep. 163 of the WorkCookie podcast here.


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