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Kelly Reburn, Ph.D.

Organizational Psychology Consultant | Human Data Professional | Leader and Employee Coach | Work-life Advocate

Dr. Kelly Reburn is an Organizational Psychologist who works with both individual and organizational clients to increase their effectiveness and improve their well-being. She currently works for the U.S. Army where she drives employee development, talent alignment and development, and increased job satisfaction through the design and implementation of effective assessment, training, and survey initiatives.


Dr. Reburn has had a variety of experiences working in talent management throughout her career. She has worked in roles that support assessment and selection, research and data collection design, data analysis, employee training, and leader development. Specifically, she has experience developing assessments (e.g., 360-degree) and individual feedback reports for various employee levels from entry level employees through senior leadership, analyzing human capital and assessment data to develop insights that drive talent decisions, and designing strategies and processes to support employee training and leader development.


In addition to her experience as a talent management professional, Dr. Reburn is passionate about individual development. She has experience teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level and coaching employees and leaders in various roles. While she has informally coached employees and leaders throughout her career, she has recently completed 80 hours of International Coaching Federation training through the Army Coaching Program in partnership with 2 Roads Leadership. Since graduating from this training course, she has been working towards her Associate Coach Credential (ACC) by coaching 1:1 clients on a variety of topics including leadership development, work-life interactions, developing career goals, planning for retirement, and relationship building.


Dr. Reburn’s unique blend of talent management expertise, data analysis skills, teaching experience, and passion for personal and professional development make her a valuable asset. She is committed to creating environments where individuals can thrive, leaders can lead with excellence, and organizations and individuals can achieve outstanding results.


Dr. Reburn is excited about new opportunities to make a significant impact in the field of talent management and leader development. She has started her own consulting business to begin working with organizations and individuals. Overall, she is passionate about both helping individuals align their work with their priorities, values, and goals and partnering with organizations to support employees holistically.


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Book Kelly to:

 • Learn about careers or internships with the military or government as an I/O Psychologist.

 • Gain insights into areas within I/O psychology or talent management including assessment and selection, competency modeling, employee training, leader development, and work-life balance.

 • Increase your self-awareness about your career goals and identify next steps to get you where you want to go.

 • Discuss any topics related to internships, graduate school, etc. that would be helpful in your career development.

 • Ask any questions you have about a career in I/O Psychology!  

Hire Dr. Kelly Reburn to:


• Be a 1:1 coach for yourself or employees/leaders in your organization to help you increase self-awareness, develop career goals, improve leadership/job-related skills, develop strategies to achieve your goals, improve work-life alignment, etc.

• Deliver a training session related to talent management including assessment & selection/hiring, training & development, competencies/KSAs, leadership skills, employee engagement/burnout, workplace well-being, leader impact on employee health, and others! Reach out if you have a topic in mind that is not listed.• Design an employee survey to summarize your employees’ voice and identify key areas for improvement related to climate, culture, work-life interactions, talent management programs, etc.• Analyze people data to develop recommendations for improvement related to talent management. 


• Develop a tailored assessment for your organization or a group of employees (e.g., senior leaders) to evaluate their skills in a specific area (e.g., leadership) and provide a summary of results, individual feedback to the individuals, and partner with the organization to create individual development plans.


• Identify competencies, knowledge, skills, or abilities you (or your workforce) need to improve hiring/selection or increase performance and internal talent alignment (e.g., competency modeling or job analysis). 


• Consult on talent management initiatives and strategies within your organization to improve performance and reduce turnover. 

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