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Level 3:

Student Onboarding

Properly onboard students to your I/O program, reduce the uncertainty of their choice, and get them to plant their feet.

Career Readiness

Boost career readiness with practical opportunities to engage the I/O stakeholder community while building their portfolio.

Support and Collaboration

Give them an experience, not a transaction, with peer support and collaboration, new habits, clarity, and a lived career vision, 

Reputation and Brand

Level-up their reputation and yours with targeted branding lessons and opportunities to stand out from the crowd. 

Momentum for the Future

Unleash momentum with expert and peer support, while honing in on niche areas of desired I/O career practice.

Confidence and Competence

Students brace for impact as they conquer imposter syndrome, gain confidence, and increase competence with 1:1 and group support.

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