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  • We post, pin post (five days), and repost your job req and engage potential applicants with relevant questions, allowing you to notice the real go-getters to our SEBOC LinkedIn Page of 4.2K followers.


  • We'll post, share, like, and comment on your job req, engaging the community of potential applicants on our SEBOC leadership LinkedIn personal pages of 25K connections. 


  • We'll send 2x email marketing campaigns to our contact list of 2.5K contacts. We'll also periodically resend the email marketing campaign to contacts who have not yet opened the original email.


  • Total reach = over 32,000 contacts, largely in or entering the professional practice of Industrial/Organizational Psychology


*PLUS, we'll promote your job opening during our world's #1 IOP podcast, WorkCookie.


**PLUS, the hiring manager or recruiter will be invited to be a guest on a special WorkCookie podcast episode (15-25 minutes) dedicated to the job opening. The guest will be able to talk about the company, company culture, posistion, and any other desired details about the job opportunity.

WorkCookie Podcast Sponsor + Podcast Guest + LinkedIn Posts + Email Marketing

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