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Author: Jacqueline Minor


Minor Reflections Lead to Major Progressions Journal is an inspirational journal that is tailored for anyone from the business professional, college student, or stay-at-home mom. The journal combines monthly and weekly calendars to keep one focused on important tasks or events along with an area to capture memories or whimsical ideas.   

The tree cover image was inspired by the continued growth that individuals experience in life. Minor reflections of one's life journey lead to major progressions commemorating one's growth and maturity like the strong, sturdy tree. This thoughtfully designed journal has 268 lined pages filled with monthly and weekly calendars, motivating quotes and messages from the author, weekly journaling sections, and space to jot down weekly goals and important notes.

Minor Reflections Lead to Major Progressions Journal

  • Book Information

    Publisher: JUNURI Publishing

    Trim Size: 6" x 9" 

    Book Type: Paperback

    Page Count: 272

    SBN: 978-1-7370268-0-8

  • About Jacqueline Minor

    Dr. Jacqueline Minor is a compassionate Human Resources professional with a philanthropic heart. She is the author of the inspirational book "Navigating This Journey Called Life: My Thoughts, Experiences, and Life Lessons", as well as the study "Factors Involved in Job Stress and Organizational Commitment: A Multivariate Investigation." Dr. Minor resides in Louisiana with her husband and dog, Nolan.

    Visit her website.

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