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Virtual Communication Mastery

Thomas Bradshaw, MFA

Voice. Speech, & Presentation Coach

Executive trainer, corporate speaker, and university educator in voice, speech, With a master’s degree in acting and a postgraduate in voice and speech education Tom has worked with corporate leaders, professional speakers, and trainers developing their voices and presentation skills for over 25 years. He has taught acting and voice at York University and Red Deer Polytechnical University and has professionally played such Shakespearian characters as Lear (King Lear), Prospero (The Tempest), Caesar (Julius Caesar), and Claudius (Hamlet).

Tom also moderates a number of spaces on various platforms including Work Cookie for SEBOC and has voiced various projects for organizations across North America.

Book Tom to:​

• Develop your speaking voice for greater success.

• Script your presentation for maximum impact

• ​Deal with the anxiety of performance

• ​Learn the acting skills required to be authentic on screen.

• ​ Use your natural resonance to build color and tone.

• Avoid becoming a monotone speaker by discovering your optimum pitch

• Increase volume without damaging the voice.

• ​Improve your articulation for greater impact on your listener. For non-native
English speakers accent modification is also available.

• Learn the three pauses you can use to engage your audience and get them to

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