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WorkBalance Consulting

Rich Cruz, M.S.


As an advisor and consultant to C-suite executives, I help organizations improve performance, develop self-efficacy among workers, foster organizational commitment through employee engagement, and lead change. I also provide highly effective training, education, and coaching to work groups to increase competencies for talent development. I have more than 18 years of experience as a management consultant and 25 years of managing people. I have designed and implemented customized business solutions for dozens of clients in various industries.

My passion lies in solving problems creatively, planning and executing HRM and marketing strategies, and optimizing communication channels. I also serve organizations as a multi-talented innovative change agent who leverages technology to improve systems and processes. I have designed and/or developed hundreds of websites, increasing SEO, user experience, and conversions. I have conducted job analysis, training, and development to enhance performance outcomes for my teams and clients. I aim to leverage my knowledge, skills, and abilities in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, organizational development, change management, data analysis, marketing communications (MarCom), social networking, CRM, business automation, creative direction, and project management.

Industry Focuses: small and medium businesses primarily in construction, manufacturing, specialty retail, professional services (legal and accounting), wholesale, mental health and clinical social work, and nonprofit.

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Services Offered: Organizational development (OD), change management (OCM), training and development (L&D), and human resources consulting. We also offer business planning, marketing and sales evaluation and training, and fractional business operations services.

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