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Matthew Lampe, PsyD

Organizational Development Consultant | Evidence-Based
Researcher and Content Writer

Dr. Matthew Lampe is an inquisitive, people-centric professional and lifelong learner
with over a decade of experience in financial services, relationship management,
leadership, and people development. He combines applied research with practical
application, aiming to help individuals and organizations discover meaning and purpose,
transforming potential for growth and success.

Matthew incorporates evidence-based practices in organizational development,
focusing on creating collaborative cultures that enhance mental health, people
development, team dynamics, and strategic planning. His work emphasizes the
integration of behavioral science to improve organizational effectiveness and agility.

Matthew has extensive experience with dialogic and qualitative research and has
published research on leading and learning with agility. He has co-designed an
organizational systems model for public service organizations and has co-produced
learning reference guides, contributing research in organizational culture. He has
facilitated workshops focused on engagement, culture, teamwork, and collaboration.

Dr. Matthew is a recurring panelist on the #1 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
podcast, WorkCookie. He is a contributor with ScienceForWork and is an active
member of ODN (Organization Development Network), Pacific Northwest ODN, and
ODN Oregon, where he serves as part of the Community Consulting Project.

Services & opportunities for collaboration include:
- Organizational culture, engagement, and agility.
- Organizational design & structure.
- Change Management planning & communication.
- Team effectiveness, collaboration, & interest-based conflict resolution.
- Leadership development & coaching to enhance decision-making capabilities,
interpersonal effectiveness, & emotional intelligence.

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