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Aspire To Align

LindaAnn Rogers SPHR, sHRBP, CBC

Strategic Human Resources Consultant

LindaAnn Rogers has over 25 years experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and multiple certifications in Business Coaching, Business Strategy and Human Resources, that provide her with the skills and perspective to help clients critically evaluate their organization and make the adjustments necessary to develop a focused approach to creating a strategically aligned organizational framework for the company to achieve both the human and financial rewards of having an engaged workforce.

As a seasoned leader and strategic business partner with diverse, interdisciplinary experience in Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Operations and Education in multiple industries, she has a unique blend of leadership experience that provides her with the ability to work from the perspective of your organization as a whole.

LindaAnn is the Principal and Founder of Aspire to Align, a consulting firm focused on helping companies achieve workforce engagement through strategic organizational alignment. Her passion lies with helping leaders transform the way people, throughout their organization, experience work.

She also volunteers as a Business Advisor for the Mile High United Way, United for Business Program.

Contact LindaAnn if you would like to:

- Outperform your competition. Aligned organizations typically outperform their competitors in the areas of employee engagement, customer retention and satisfaction, as well as profitability.

-Develop and train your leaders to facilitate and implement organizational alignment.

-Create the organizational framework that allows employee engagement to happen.

-Reduce employee turnover and the associated costs by helping employees see a future with your organization.

-Foster collaboration among teams by aligning their strategies to contribute to the same outcomes.

Services include:

-Employee Engagement

-Employee Retention

-Strategic Planning and Alignment

-Performance Management

-Succession Planning

-Employee Development

-Compensation and Benefits

-Industry Focuses - Expertise in the AEC industries - (Architecture, Engineering & Construction)

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