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Heather Morton, Ph.D.

Industrial Organizational Psychology Consultant | Learning and Development Consultant

Dr. Heather Morton is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist and Learning and Development Consultant. She holds a PhD and master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and is currently gaining experience as a business consultant in a post-doctoral traineeship.

Heather has primarily worked in healthcare and education, most recently as an adjunct psychology instructor and curriculum consultant. She also plans to begin offering career coaching services in the near future.

Heather is committed to using psychological principles and research to make data-driven decisions that create relevant and long-term success. She is passionate about employee training and development programs, especially those focused on communication, teamwork, and leadership. In addition, she is interested in helping businesses improve performance management and organizational culture.

Fun fact: Heather is the SEBOC Regional Leader for the Southeastern region of the United States!

Industry Focuses: Employee development, performance management, psychological safety.

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Book Heather to:

-Identify skills gaps in yourself or your employees
-Leverage your strengths to find your perfect place in the field of IO psychology
-Learn how to create personalized learning and development programs
-Identify ways to improve psychological safety in your workplace

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