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Career to Life Transitions, LLC

Gregory Talbot, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Dr. Gregory Talbott, the Chief I/O Consultant at Career to Life Transitions LLC, is a veteran with 29 years of military leader development experience. Coupled with my background in industrial organizational psychology, our consultation and training services provides the basis for incredibly insightful and effective career, transition, and leadership services.
"I transitioned from the military as a retiree. I enjoyed the unique experience to serve and help others. I worked hard to provide effective leadership, mentorship, and career guidance to others. I really enjoyed the growth opportunity afforded by helping others achieve their career and life goals. I retired from the military, but never lost the desire to help others. Providing leadership and career development services allows me to continue to help those, contemplating transition or in the process of transition, fulfill their career goals and achieve life satisfaction."

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Services Offered: Career Development, Mentoring and Coaching, Leader Development, Career Assessment, Employee Engagement, and Career Transition Assistance.

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