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DMC Consulting

Deborah M. Collazo, MS

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist & Sustainable Growth Advisor for Entrepreneurs

Deborah M. Collazo is the CEO and Principal Consultant at DMC Consulting, a boutique consulting firm based on the science of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs leading fast-growing small and medium businesses. Deborah leads structured organizational diagnosis processes to uncover barriers to growth and provide evidence-based strategies to address them. She oversees client strategic planning processes and encourages clients to effectively execute the plan by providing organization-specific support.

Deborah has a BA in Psychology from American University in Washington DC and an MS in I/O Psychology from Albizu University in San Juan, PR. Deborah is also the Human Resources Manager at KinFloat, an aquatic wellness center in San Juan, PR. She is a member of the Puerto Rico SHRM chapter and enjoys interacting with colleagues in the HR role to increase awareness of I/O psychology on the island and increase collaboration between I/O and HR.

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