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Britni Eisenmann, MAIO

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Strategist

So you want to be an I/O Psych consultant, yeah?

Britni Eisenmann has a Master's in I/O Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She uses her degree as a retention and employee engagement consultant, revealing to organizations their most deeply rooted problems and how these problems grow all the symptoms that keep them from getting ahead. She started her own consultancy from the ground up, without outside funding, and without any prior entrepreneurship experience.

Consulting on your own isn't for everyone, but you can make it what you want. And, there are plenty of other routes to consulting as an I/O Psych professional, both internal and external roles! Britni helps you cut through the noise and decide whether consulting is for you, and if so, helps you build your strategy to get where you belong.

Book Britni to:

• Determine whether I/O consulting might be for you

• Learn what different types of consulting require

• Explore what entrepreneurship consulting takes to be successful

• Decide what your broad and narrow, paid and free offerings will be

• Build your strategy to get to your next major goal in your consulting career

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