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Patricia Delgado-Pena, Psy.D.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

The Bridgify Group

A Doctor of Psychology experienced Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist with over 20 years of experience and a Research Translator.

Dr. Patricia Delgado's research firm focuses on topics that range from organizational and business development, management and leadership, employee-employer interdependency, and employee behavioral psychology. Bridging research and practice, Dr. Delgado is a strategic advisor that guides her clients with expert insight to unveil their newest competitive advantage, research-based credibility.

A contributing author, Board Member to various organizations, and leader in the Hispanic community, Dr. Delgado applies her cultural qualities and academic competencies to enhance awareness about workplace behavior.

Book Dr. Delgado to:

• Provide an extensive powerhouse of information exclusive to your selling proposition that will add another layer of integrity to your brand and expertise while all based on solid research.

• Speak to organizational leaders to understand the culture and benefits of hiring and retaining Hispanic employees.

• Master the skills of being a Research Translator through her hybrid training model.

• Either assess current proprietary data or conduct new primary research projects.

• Provide research-driven and evidence-based workplace solutions rooted in validity, reliability, and advanced scholarly research.

• Participate in focused business strategy sessions to uncover solutions to everyday workplace concerns and issues.

• Build proven proprietary assessments, models, processes, and other practical tools instituted from scholarly research.

• Help leaders engage in more evidence-based decision-making that will save them money and time.

• Grant you more time as she sorts through and gathers large amounts of research information to deliver a simplistic summary of best practices and solutions.

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