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Jeremy Lucabaugh, Ph.D

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant | Communication & Negotiation Coach

TurnBoot Organizational Excellence, LLC

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh is Founder & CEO of SEBOC, LLC (The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting), and Principal at TurnBoot Organizational Excellence, LLC. He has served a variety of national and international organizations, ranging from just a few to over 10,000 employees.

He's an expert at using workplace assessments with strong psychometric properties to drive employee selection, development, and organizational decision-making. He has developed corporate leadership, onboarding and communication programs, as well as employee engagement, culture and time management systems. He has owned other businesses in both management consulting and the wholesale food industry.

In addition to his corporate experience, as a professor, he has taught Master's and Doctoral students in industrial/organizational psychology, leading organizational change, corporate training and development, workplace motivation and attitudes, organizational behavior and management, leadership and supervision styles, and organizational culture. He has also created statistics, research methods, leadership, psychology, and human resources courses for both national and international clients.

His critical conversations and negotiation coaching, analysis of personality through psychometric assessments, supervisor and team workshops, and engagement systems have resulted in observable behavioral change, enhanced corporate culture, and increased retention.

He is the author of the study Organizational Socialization Training (OST), Tenure, and Predicting Organizational Commitment, available from ProQuest.

Book Dr. Lucabaugh to:

  • Negotiating salaries, contracts, and critical conversations.

  • Wordsmith of important emails to maximize impact and advocacy for your message/need.

  • Maximizing what you offer and leveraging your passions and talents.

  • Master high-stakes interactions and interviews.

  • Effectively lead and influence during those conversations you dread.

  • Understand how to translate your past experiences and workforce experiences into functional and competency-based resumes.

  • Gain interview skills specific to I/O jobs.

  • Find your niche in the field of I/O psychology.

  • Speak the language of organizational leaders.

  • Translate I/O speak into corporate speak.

  • Create initiatives in your workplace that tie in your I/O specialties.