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Destinee Prete, Ph.D.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

PG Strategies Group, LLC We2AreVets (501) (c) (3)

Dr. Destinee Prete is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and Senior Strategist who works with an organization that holds several contracts with DoD (Department of Defense) and the Intelligence communities. She currently assists with the complete ecosystem of certification programs for several governmental and non-governmental agencies and is the lead psychometrician on several contracts.

She is a Certified Credentialing specialist and is also an adjunct professor, teaching business classes. She is pivoting over the next few months to full-time consulting with her organization PG Strategies Group, LLC which will have a heavy focus on building a learning platform center.

She is a very active member of both the veteran/military-connected and women-connected communities as it relates to psychology and I/O psychology. She is the ‘owner’ of the group called “Military-Connected I/O Psychology” and is also creating a group called “WIPConnect: Women in Psychology Connect”. Starting in April 2022, she will be the Chair of the Military & Veterans Committee for SIOP (Society of I/O Psychology). She is also a Certified Veteran Developmental Coach (CVDC) and active mentor, having logged thousands of hours.

Additionally, Dr. Prete is the co-founder and President of We2AreVets 501c3, a nonprofit dedicated to the honor, empowerment and recognition of women veterans. She sits on several advisory boards for other nonprofit organizations. She is an advocate for the I/O psychology field and for the veterans and women-connected communities alike!

Book Dr. Prete to:

• Understand how to ‘translate’ your past experiences and workforce

experiences into functional and competency-based resumes (especially for our

military-connected members)

• Build a network of other like-minded professionals in the community and field

• Find your niche in the field of I/O psychology and beyond

• Identify additional certifications, certificates and programs that may align with

your path and leverage yourself in the field

• Create initiatives in your workplace and beyond your workplace that tie in your

specialties and connect you back to the field and to the community

• Define your narrative and tell your story through self-presentation and self-


  • Turn your ideas into actionable items!

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