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Viva Voce (Living Voice)

1:1 Workshop - With Tom Bradshaw

  • 1 hour
  • 220 US dollars
  • Online

More Info

Workshop Includes: • 45 -Minute Workshop with Tom Bradshaw • E-Guide: The Five Power Tools of Voice • 19-minute follow up session (recommended 2 weeks after workshop) Your speaking voice is the greatest communication tool you have. What does your voice say about you especially in the online world? In this workshop Tom Bradshaw will evaluate your current speaking style and provide advice to help you develop the voice of a leader. Keywords: Conversational Skills; Vocal Characteristics; Voice Quality: Accent Modification; Pace and Pitch; Tonal Emphasis; Voice Leadership. How things will change for you after the workshop: • You will be able to frame your message using vocal skills. • You will be able to use your voice to control situations. • You will be able to effectively use pausing and phrasing. • You will be able to use your tone to control the energy in your virtual environment. • You will understand how accents and dialect can positively and negatively impact the communication process. • You will gain the knowledge and confidence of leveraging your voice for leadership. • You will create an online persona for success.

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