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The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting, SEBOC, LLC

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Struggling to find a solution to a problem?


With physical problems, we often get stuck in functional fixedness - seeing objects only in their familiar roles. In other words, cat litter is for covering up objects and odors. But, it can also be mixed with paint and spread on steps to create a non-slip surface. 

With cognitive problems (i.e. trying to find a way out of a tough situation) we often get stuck using our mental sets - solving problems in ways that come naturally to us, and expecting wonderous results. 


The solution? Research shows that help can come through an incubation period - taking a break from consciously trying to solve a problem, and allowing new novel and effective ideas to form unconsciously

Below, give your brain an incubation period to allow your unconscious mind to work in the background.  Can't figure out your next move in a strategic game below? Look away from the game for 8-12 seconds. Yes, this is also an incubation period, from your incubation period!

Or, you can just play a game while you listen to a podcast


The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting

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