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Brandy Dupper-Macy, MS

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Practitioner

Brandy currently works at a veteran staffing agency as a Senior Account Manager where she manages key accounts (such as BlackRock, Cisco, PCG, Splunk, Texas Instruments, and more). Her daily tasks include managing relationships, coaching internal and external stakeholders, and advising companies on how best to implement change to support the veteran population in their hiring efforts.

Prior to this role, Brandy worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 10 years managing all development, fundraising, events, and overseeing the marketing efforts in multiple organizations. Her research, change management initiatives, strategy, and people-centered approach to relationship management drove community engagement and retention. Brandy has been part of several capital campaigns ($3M fixed-wing aircraft, $7.5M helicopter, $3M eldercare facility, and $6M wellness center). Her strategic efforts in communications and donor relations drove the end-of-year annual giving campaign from $70k to more than $650k in her tenure at her last nonprofit. She also has instituted or been part of change management implementations for customer relations management tools (primarily Salesforce).

Before going into the nonprofit sector, Brandy served in the United States Air Force in one of the busiest and most complex control towers as an air traffic controller and cross-trained as a public affairs specialist working with the media (on projects with National Geographic, presidential visit, air shows, and more) and led the team for the weekly publication.

Brandy has her master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University and is currently pursuing her PhD at Capella in IO Psychology. Brandy sits on the SIOP Women Inclusion Network (WIN) committee and is on the MPPAW board where she manages their social and facilitates their monthly meetings virtually. She also is a member or works with several IO organizations (such as MNODN as a volunteer consultant, Baystate IO, and ScienceforWork). Brandy is currently helping build the SEBOC regional meetups in the Northeast Region and will co-lead the Keeping the Drive Alive monthly meetings.

Brandy’s passion for human potential, connection, and belonging is her driving force in all her work and she enjoys helping improve and develop programs that drive change and build community engagement.

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