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Mark Kunze, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Dr. Mark Kunze specializes in team development, employee selection systems, and strategy formulation. He partners with organizations to get past the marginal returns of efficiency efforts and unlock their employees’ potential to create more value. He spent a decade working in HR for both profit and non-profit firms and another decade as a university professor instructing others on how to design organizations, manage human resources, and engage in labor relations. The business environment is not the same as it was even ten years ago and the organizations that figure out how to deal with today’s complexity are the ones that will be around for the decades to come.

Mark has spent time delving into the current research on designing systems that engage workers in fully supporting organizational goals and changing the manager’s job to one of facilitator rather than task master. He has conducted research that has appeared in the International Journal of Management and Marketing Research, Organizational Analysis, and the proceedings of the Global Conference on Business and Finance as well as the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management.

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