I/O Psychologist Memberships

Industrial/Organizational Psychology and other workplace experts, consultants, and coaches.

Whether an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist or other workplace expert, SEBOC experts forge the new frontier of organizational excellence.

We create value for others with our thought-leadership, trusted advice, training and workshops, speaking engagements, robust psychological assessments, and life-changing coaching.

Join our network of human behavior and workplace experts to engage with professional client members in forums and groups, blog, post interviews and videos, and even host webinar events and podcasts.






Perfect for experts looking to engage, get noticed, build their brand and connect directly with potential clients.

Basic members receive a 10% discount on consultant development services.






Perfect for experts looking to engage, get noticed, build their brand, connect with clients, share expertise through media, and stand out as an official sponsor. 

Premium members receive these additional benefits:

Host online events

Promote your brand as an official sponsor 

Host your own SEBOC video channel

Host WorkCookie podcasts

Premium members receive a 20% discount on consultant development services.

*In order to provide the highest level of value to our Client Members, our featured Experts must meet qualification requirements (i.e. a Master's degree, PhD, or PsyD;  duration, nature, and intensity of experience and results). The final determination will be made by the seboc Core Group panel. Please contact hello@seboc.com with any questions.

Membership Benefits