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Many of our experts are PhDs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (the scientific study of human behavior and processes in organizations).

Our experts have a variety of corporate, government, military, academic, human resources, and small business experience. 

Engage, learn new paradigms, practice proven techniques, and make each day more powerful when you build relationships with our experts.

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Our video channels provide quick-hit tips on a variety of topics from leading critical interactions to engaging your remote workforce.

Meet Our Workplace and Human Behavior Experts

Jeremy Lucabaugh, PhD

Employee Communication & Negotiation Coach | Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Atiba Copeland, MS

Human Capital Consultant/Performance Coach

Paul Grillo, M.S.

Leadership and Team Building Consultant

Devon Delmonico, SHRM-SCP, MA

Professional Development/Career Coach & Human Resources Consultant

Deborah Peck, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant & Data Scientist

Gregory Talbot, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Tiana Howell, MS

Organizational Change and Engagement Consultant

Craig Minor

IT Consultant

Jessica Cortez, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Patricia Delgado-Peña, PsyD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Nikki Modeste, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Jacqueline Minor, PhD, PHR

Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Human Resources Consultant | Career Mentor

Juliette Nelson, MBA

Employee Performance and Engagement Consultant

Jill Janssen, PhD

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Sarah Smith-Barry, M.S.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant/Psychometrician