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Collaborate, build relationships, and get trusted advice from human behavior and workplace experts.

Many of our experts are PhDs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

(the scientific study of human behavior and processes in organizations).

Our experts have a variety of corporate, government, military, academic, human resources, and small business experience. 

Engage, learn new paradigms, practice proven techniques, and make each day more powerful when you build relationships with our experts.

Whether an Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant or other workplace expert, SEBOC experts forge the new frontier of organizational excellence.

We create value for others with our thought-leadership, trusted advice, training and workshops, speaking engagements, robust psychological assessments, and life-changing coaching.

Join our network of human behavior and workplace experts to engage with our professional client members in forums and groups, blog, post interviews and videos, and even host webinar events and podcasts.

Your job is challenging enough by itself.  That's your expertise. Communicating with your coworkers and boss, that's our expertise. 

From courageous conversations, negotiating, and getting buy-in for your ideas, to resume help and interview coaching. We've got your back. 

You'll soon be leading our field.

You don't have to do  it alone. Our I/O Psychology experts have felt the ups and downs of your journey. 

Whether needing a sense of community and belonging, assistance with research, career advice, or are determined to get dissertation help, we want to be a part of your journey. 

You'll soon be leading our field.

Scout our I/O psychologists and other workplace experts, as well as talent from our designated job seeker members in other fields.

Be a fly on the wall or interact to qualify potential candidates by reviewing member interactions, media, and professional profiles.

Get expert advice on candidates you are vetting, and qualify candidates with assessments administered and interpreted by our I/O Psychology experts